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8/4/20232 min read

white pillar candle on white fur textile
white pillar candle on white fur textile

21 Creative Ways to Recycle Candle Jars and Give Them a Second Life


Candles have the power to create a soothing ambiance, fill our homes with delightful scents, and bring warmth to any space. But what happens once the candle has burned down, leaving you with a beautiful, empty jar? Instead of tossing it away, why not explore the endless possibilities of recycling candle jars? In this blog post, we'll explore 21 innovative and practical ways to repurpose those jars and give them a second life. Let's dive in!

  1. Mini Planters: Transform your candle jars into adorable miniature planters by adding some soil and your favorite small plants or succulents.

  2. Makeup Brush Holders: Keep your beauty tools organized and easily accessible by repurposing a candle jar as a chic makeup brush holder.

  3. Pen or Pencil Holder: Give your desk a touch of style by using a candle jar to store your pens, pencils, and other stationery items.

  4. Bathroom Storage: Utilize candle jars to store cotton balls, q-tips, bath salts, or other bathroom essentials, keeping your counters clutter-free.

  5. Candle Jar Lanterns: Place a small candle or LED light inside the jar to create a charming lantern for your outdoor gatherings or cozy nights in.

  6. Herb Garden: Repurpose candle jars as charming herb gardens by filling them with soil and planting your favorite herbs. Keep them on the kitchen windowsill for easy access.

  7. Sewing Supplies: Use candle jars to store sewing notions such as buttons, threads, or small trims, keeping them organized and easily visible.

  8. Magnetic Spice Jars: Attach magnets to the lids of candle jars and fill them with spices to create a functional and decorative spice rack on your fridge.

  9. DIY Bath Salt Containers: Mix your favorite bath salts and store them in candle jars for a luxurious and convenient bathing experience.

  10. Tea Light Holders: Simply clean out the jar, place a new tea light inside, and enjoy a unique and stylish tea light holder.

  11. Office Organization: Repurpose candle jars as storage containers for paperclips, binder clips, rubber bands, or other small office supplies.

  12. Jewelry Organizer: Keep your jewelry untangled and readily accessible by using candle jars as stylish organizers for your earrings, rings, or bracelets.

  13. Party Decorations: Decorate candle jars with ribbons, twine, or paint and use them as charming vases for flowers or as candle holders for special occasions.

  14. DIY Snow Globes: Create your own personalized snow globes by adding water, glitter, and small trinkets inside a candle jar. Secure the lid and shake for a whimsical winter wonderland.

  15. Bathroom Candle Storage: Store spare candles in empty candle jars to protect them from dust and maintain their fragrance.

  16. Candy or Treat Containers: Fill clean candle jars with your favorite candies or homemade treats and gift them to friends and loved ones.

  17. Coin Jar: Repurpose candle jars as coin banks to collect loose change, and watch your savings grow.

  18. Travel Container: Use candle jars to store travel-sized toiletries, keeping them leak-proof and organized during your trips.

  19. DIY Air Freshener: Fill a candle jar with baking soda, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil, and poke some holes in the lid to create a natural air freshener.

  20. Gift Packaging: Decorate candle jars with ribbons, bows, or personalized labels and use them as unique and eco-friendly gift packaging.

  21. Donate or Upcycle: If you can't find a use for your candle jars, consider donating them to local artisans or upcycling projects, where they can be transformed into new and exciting creations.